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As the global investment landscape continues to evolve, so too must the asset allocations for retirement savings plans. Diversified Real Asset may play an important role in improving retirement asset allocations by providing the following:

  • Greater diversification (beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and cash)

  • Improved inflation hedging (holding assets that have positive correlations to inflation)

  • Enhanced returns potential (using active management to seek potential returns above passive indexes)

Our hedgREAL© strategy determines our allocation and weighting amongst Real Estate, Precious Metals, Infrastructure, Commodity,  and Blockchain Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Individual Equities, Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)  

Similar to our other strategies, we are not restricted to any specific allocation, index or "static" blend of Real Asset categories. It allows us to overweight holdings that represent the best opportunities for total return. Since the main objective of our hedgREAL© strategy is growth of capital, it will exhibit higher risk characteristics. 

To request details about our hedgREAL© strategies including backtested performance, please contact us here

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