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Portfolio Management

Strategic Asset Allocation:

Creating a long-term investment plan is one of the most critical challenges that investors face. The appropriate mix of equities, fixed income, cash, and other investments can potentially enhance portfolio returns and help manage risk. The objective of each allocation is to maximize the investment returns for a particular amount of risk.

Factors Affecting Strategic Asset Allocation

  1. Risk tolerance: Investors with higher risk tolerance are able to accept higher volatility. Therefore, they will likely have higher exposure to equities and a lower asset class weight to bonds and cash. Investors with a lower risk tolerance would likely have a lower asset class weight to stocks and a higher asset class weight to bonds and cash.

  2. Investment horizon: Investors with a longer investment horizon would likely consider investing in higher growth potential asset classes. Having a longer investment horizon, the investor is able to “weather the storm” and hold during poor market conditions without having to liquidate to meet their retirement or cash needs.

  3. Return objectives: Clients with higher return objectives will inherently be required to allocate a greater percentage of their assets to "growth-oriented" equities - therefore incurring additional risk. 

Hedgeo's team will help identify the appropriate mix to meet your objectives. We create an individualized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for each client/account.  


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