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Portfolio Management

At the heart of Hedgeo Capital Advisors asset management philosophy is the economic principle that prices are driven by supply and demand and it is "money flow" (on a relative basis) that determines the valuation of assets. Those "assets" could be individual companies, funds, sectors, market-caps, regions, countries or even equities themselves.


We have created a proprietary system to score and rank assets on a relative basis that has become the foundation of our asset allocation and selection process. Our system is the result of years of development, testing, and evaluation. We utilize price, directional, relative-strength, momentum and other data to optimally construct and manage our strategies. We focus on what we believe to be the strongest assets and allocations during "good times" in the market cycles. However, it is the "bad times" in market cycles that take the toll on most investors. Our disciplined, rules-based methodology incorporates a "sell strategy" that directs us when to change allocations and/or raise cash.


Our specific strategies are available in various portfolio structures including individual accounts, trusts, individual retirement accounts, pension & profit sharing accounts, other corporate asset accounts, and foundations. We also deliver portfolio allocation and construction solutions to other advisors and strategic partners. Below is a list of our specific strategies currently available.

To request details about our strategies including backtested performance, please contact us here

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