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ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Strategies

ESG investing is a rapidly growing category of investment choices. Many Individual Investors, Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations have the desire or even mandate to invest in strategies that blend environmental, social, and governance factors into traditional investment evaluations. You may hear the term used interchangeably with "socially responsible investing (SRI)" and "sustainable investing."

Environmental (Conservation and protection of the natural environment). 



  • Air emissions and air quality

  • Energy use and conservation

  • Natural resources and land use

  • Waste management and water quality

  • Hazardous materials use

Social (Relationships with employees, suppliers, clients, and communities).



  • Labor standards and employee relations

  • Production quality and safety

  • Local community impact

  • Equal employment opportunities

  • Health care, education, and housing services

Governance (Standards for company leadership, risk control, and shareholder rights). 



  • Ethical business practices

  • Board independence and diversity

  • Voting rights

  • Executive pay vs. employee pay

  • Account and tax transparency

Our focus on sustainable, responsible and impact investing has produced our hedgESG© strategies

To request details about our hedgESG© strategies including backtested performance, please contact us here

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