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Hedgeo Capital Advisors, LLC uses our proprietary scoring and evaluation system to construct, monitor and manage our flagship hedgCOR© actively managed Core Market Strategy. 

Core holdings are the central investments of a long-term portfolio. When building your portfolio, it's essential that the core holdings have a history of reliable service and consistent returns. A core holding is just what it sounds like; It's the central part - or maybe even the only part - of your portfolio.

Once you’ve built your investment strategies' core, you can then reach for noncore investments to augment those core holdings. Noncore investments might focus on an individual sector, such as health care, or a single region, such as Latin America. Because of the concentrated nature, noncore investments have the potential to increase returns but also tend to have more volatility. 

Our hedgCOR© strategy tilts weightings to various components of the US core equity market. Using elements of the Dow Jones 30, the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, and large and midcap US equities that track an index selected and weighted based on price appreciation and low volatility. 

To request details about our hedgCOR© strategies including backtested performance, please contact us here

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