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Portfolio Management

Hedgeo Capital Advisors' core competency is providing portfolio management to individuals, advisors, non-profit organizations, and institutions. We have created proprietary systems to evaluate, score, and rank assets (Equities, Funds, ETFs) that are the foundation of our asset allocation and selection process which is the result of years of development, testing, and evaluation. We utilize price, directional, relative strength, momentum, and other data to identify what we believe to be the strongest assets during positive market cycles and deploy defensive and hedging strategies when indicated.

Statistics show that most active managers underperform the S&P 500. In fact, over a 20-year period, 95% of large-cap actively managed funds have underperformed their benchmark*. If you would like more information on our strategies, please contact us here.

*What is the Success Rate of Actively Managed Funds?

To request details about our strategies including backtested performance, please contact us here

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