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From Our Custodian

Important Strength and Security Facts about Interactive Brokers Group (IB)

A Custodian You Can Trust


Asset Safety at Interactive Brokers (IB)We take our role as custodian seriously. When you work with IB you can be assured that we follow stringent internal practices and business standards designed to keep client assets safe. Our strong capital position, conservative balance sheet, and automated risk controls are designed to protect our clients.


  • IBKR IS NOT A BANK, and as a regulated securities broker-dealer, we cannot carry securities classified as HTM (Held To Maturity), which are not required to be marked to market on a bank's books. We also cannot make unsecured, long-term loans.

  • The only kind of loans we can make are margin loans fully secured by marketable securities.

  • Our real-time margining system marks all client positions to market continuously. All orders are credit vetted before being executed and positions in accounts with inadequate margin deposits are liquidated automatically.

  • All of our positions are marked to market daily and the resulting payables/receivables are reconciled to outside sources automatically.

  • IBKR invests cash in very short-term investments maturing within a few months. We hold no material positions in over-the-counter securities or derivatives. We hold no CDOs, MBS, or CDS.

  • On a consolidated basis, IBG LLC exceeds $13.3 billion in equity capital and over $9.4 billion above regulatory requirements.

  • IBG LLC's owners are our public company, Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (25.4%), and the firm's employees and their affiliates (74.6%). Unlike at most other firms, where management owns a relatively small share, we participate substantially in the downside just as much as in the upside. Because of this vested interest, we run our business conservatively.

  • IBG LLC reported $2.0 billion in pretax profit for 2022.

  • IBG LLC has no long-term debt.

  • Interactive Brokers LLC is rated "A- Outlook Stable" by Standard & Poor's. View report.

  • Interactive Brokers LLC's financial statements, which reflect the mark-to-market profit/loss on all securities positions, are submitted monthly to its regulators in its FOCUS report. View the latest report.

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