Our Story

Hedgeo's Senior Partners have spent the last five years developing and "fine-tuning" Hedgeo's proprietary methodology and strategies. During this time they have been providing advice and guidance to well over $1 Billion of Assets Under Advisement (AUA) in a Family Office structure that did not require registration.

During 2019, we managed an aggregate group of "Friends and Family" assets governed and directed by our strategies. These assets were measured, evaluated and held by our custodian Interactive Brokers (IB). You can see the aggregate portfolio's +33.41% Time Weighted Return (TWR) [1] by clicking HERE. 

These assets represent the $8 Million of Assets Under Management (AUM) reported on Hedgeo's newly approved ADV. In 2020, Hedgeo will begin offering our strategies to individuals, institutions and other professional advisors.

Hedgeo's process first evaluates the Macro Landscape to determine the viability of "risk assets" vs cash alternatives. Our system constantly monitors, evaluates and scores assets to enable us to allocate and construct portfolios using the assets that we believe to be the best positioned to achieve the portfolio's objectives.

To request details about our strategies including backtested performance, please contact us here

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