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401(k) Optimization


Optimal Portfolio ALlocation (OPAL)©

The latest stats from the Investment Institute Company find total U.S. retirement assets were $28.3 trillion and accounted for 32 percent of all household financial assets. IRAs totaled $9.3 trillion, Defined contribution plan assets were $7.8 trillion, and $5.3 trillion was held in 401k plans. Mutual funds managed $3.6 trillion, or 68 percent, of assets held in 401ks. With $2.2 trillion, equity funds were the most common type of funds held in 401k plans.

Hedgeo has created the proprietary Optimal Portfolio ALlocation (OPAL)© suite of solutions specifically to provide allocation advice to existing 401(k) account holders.  The objective of our OPAL overlay process is to maximize the return while mitigating risk.

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Fill out the Contact Us Form to the left and we will provide you with a no-obligation, individualized proposal regarding your 401(k) plan.

  1. We will determine your "Asset Class" Allocation (equity vs fixed income) after you provide answers to a brief questionnaire, regarding your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

  2. We will then construct a specific recommendation of funds available in your plan that we would currently recommend holding.

  3. We will present you with a 10 year backtested illustration of our system's recommendations in your plan for your specific allocation.

  4. We will then present you with a plan to continue receiving our ongoing OPAL recommendations on a quarterly basis. 

  5. You will then decide if you want to enter into our OPAL Advisement Agreement to provide this ongoing advice.

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